martedì 16 settembre 2014

Master class di Serena di Mercione Jewerly


Featured artist: Serena Di Mercione (a.k.a Serena Di Mercione Jewelry)
Signature Design: Shibori Jewelry

I stumbled upon this Shibori Silk Leaf Earrings by Serena Di Mercione Jewelry in Pinterest, and shared it on de Cor's Handmades Fanpage last week to receive great respond from the audience, I decided to do some research and found that Serena actually did composed a photo tutorial of how to make one of her another Shibori Silk Cuff design, though it's not the earrings I've stumbled upon, but the tutorial to make the cuff pretty much cover the idea, concept and everything you need to know to create jewelry with Shibori Silk

I've wrote to Serena to get the green light to feature her in my blog, and here's what I've grabbed from her Facebook photo album, if you ever made something out from this tutorial, kindly give the credit to Serena Di Mercione Jewelry (thank you!).

Please note that I won't be able to add much description to the following tutorial as Serena did not label them with wording as well, but my guess is she was using a suede leather or wool felt as base for this project. Enjoy!

UPDATE: After this blog is published, Serena came back with some add-on information, very useful information for you crafters out there who'd like to have some hands on making the Shibori Silk Cuff!

The white cloth she dyed on is known as "Laci's stiff stuff", according to Serena, Laci's stiff stuff is the best fabric for Bead Embroiderythe texture is more or less like felt except it's thinner and more durable.

Serena dyed the suede with Adirondack Color Wash, though she did mentioned that you could leave the sheet plain and white if you are could sew the Shibori silk and beads up with great intensity, leaving no gaps in between that would reveal the plain and white background, otherwise, dying it with some colors would be a much better option, though it's not compulsory - it's subjective, not a must, she claimed.

UPDATE: Serena added short description for this step: The green fabric here issuede leather, she use it to coat the back of the cuff.

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